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ISIN: AU000000PLS0




Symbol: PLR


Land: Australien

0,636 EUR   -1,0886%
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    Start +0, 98%
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    Jopp abwärts. Erstmal wieder auf 0,50.
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    Glaube ich nicht! Geht wieder abwärts
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    Diese Nacht erstmal aufwärts.....
    Albemarle über 3% sqm auch über 2
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    Ich glaibe wir sehen die 58 cent nochmal...ich warte und leg dann nach...
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    Ich habe zwar keine Glaskugel, aber ich warte noch mit dem Nachlegen. Geht noch tiefer...mMn
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    We would like to note that the reason we carry out a multi year valuation is because we want to see how the estimated intrinsic value trends over the next five years. As long term investors, this gives us more confidence in overall picture, allowing us to accumulate or trim in the shorter term in response to various factors. In our opinion, given the lack of widespread awareness about the lithium sector, there is a lot of uncertainty as to when exactly the stock prices will converge to intrinsic valuations, and investors will need to have some patience, as 2018 has demonstrated thus far, which is why we are more comfortable just owning undervalued names and waiting.

    But for shorter term investors that may be following our notes- to get a useful valuation one could discount the valuation back to present day. For example, the 2023 valuation estimate discounted at 10% to today would imply a current valuation of 2.53 AUD per share.

    Either way, in our opinion there is clearly a lot of runway left for Pilbara Minerals’ stock as the company continues to develop the Pilgangoora Lithium Project into a world class operation.

    So stay tuned via twitter and email to get our analysis and updates as they hit the tape!
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