• (PLX AI) – Ørsted updates investors on the company’s exposure to gas contract with Gazprom Export.
  • • Ørsted Gazprom contract will not be extended; it expires in 2030 and cannot be terminated at this point, the company says
  • • Under the contract, Ørsted receives approximately 20 TWh of gas per year. Ørsted will offtake the minimum yearly volume of gas under the contract
  • • Says imports of gas cover a substantial part of Danish and European gas consumption, and therefore, it will have severe societal consequences if Europe experiences shortfalls in gas supplies
  • • Ørsted reducing the overall hedge level related to the Gazprom Export contract
  • • Ørsted will not enter into new contracts with Russian companies
  • • Ørsted does not change financial outlook for the 2022 financial year
  • • Ørsted will donate all net profits (if any) after hedges and tax related to the Gazprom Export contract to humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Quelle: PLX AI