The following instruments on XETRA do have their last trading day on 31.07.2020 Die folgenden Instrumente in XETRA haben ihren letzten Handelstag am 31.07.2020 ISIN Name CA37955Q1090 GLOB.DAILY FANT.SP. CA3812381042 GOLDEN VALLEY MINES LTD CA5778385016 MAYA GOLD + SILVER INC. DE000A2N5XA8 HANETF-EM.EMI+E.EO ACC.DZ DE000A2N5XC4 HANETF-HAN-GI.CL.T.ACC.DZ DE000A2N5XE0 HANETF-H-G.TEMEEQWE ADZ DE000A2PD3R9 KMEFIC FTSE KUW.EQU. DEC DE000A2PE7K4 HANETF-H-G IND.H.I. ACC DE000A2PPQ08 HANETF-MED.CAN.WELL.ACCDZ LU1102842090 ATENTO SA LU1215455947 UBS-ETF-F.M.EMU TSY EOAD US0044682039 ACHIEVE LIFE SCIE. DL-001 US44183U1007 HOUSTON AMERN ENE.DL-,001 US88104R2094 TERRAFORM POWER A NEW