The following instruments on XETRA do have their last trading day on 14.08.2020 Die folgenden Instrumente in XETRA haben ihren letzten Handelstag am 14.08.2020 TrdMod InstCode Exch ISIN Name InstGrp InstType Curr CCP CA XFRA CH0022235607 NED.WATERSCH. 05-20 MTN BD00 BON CHF N CA XFRA US05253JAR23 A.N.Z. BKG GRP (NY) 2020 BD01 BON USD N CA XFRA XS0963375232 GOLDM.S.GRP 13/20 MTN BD01 BON EUR N CA XFRA DE000HSH4055 HCOB MZC 16 15/20 BD02 BON EUR N CA FL4A XFRA US302445AD32 FLIR SYSTEMS 16/21 BD02 BON USD N CA XFRA XS2193953291 OESTERREICH 20/20 ZO BD02 BON EUR N