The following instruments on XETRA do have their last trading day on 19.06.2020 Die folgenden Instrumente in XETRA haben ihren letzten Handelstag am 19.06.2020 ISIN Name AEDFXA0M6V00 DP WORLD PLC DL 2 DE000A143TJ9 SS.M.II-FT.RA.E.E.I.P.ADZ DE000A254W60 ISRA VISION O.N. Z.VERK. DE0005437305 COMPUGROUP MED.SE O.N. KYG0101M1024 ACHIKO LTD DL -,0001 US30711Y2019 FANG HOLDINGS ADR/1 CL.A US7431871067 PROGENICS PHARMACEUT.