The following instruments on XETRA do have their first trading day 02.04.2020 Die folgenden Instrumente in XETRA haben ihren ersten Handelstag am 02.04.2020 TrdMod InstCode Exch ISIN Name InstGrp InstType Curr CCP CA XFRA XS2152796426 AIRBUS SE 20/32 MTN BD02 BON EUR N CA XFRA XS2152899584 E.ON SE MTN 20/25 BD02 BON EUR N CA 4VK XFRA IE00BLP1HW54 AON PLC A DL -,01 EQ00 EQU EUR N CA A2P3 XFRA KYG2115F1312 CN BILLION RES HD-,01 EQ00 EQU EUR N CA H3D XFRA US83548R1059 SONNET BIOTH.H.I.DL-,0001 EQ00 EQU EUR N