• (PLX AI) – Nel ASA joins PosHYdon consortium, which aims to validate the integration of offshore wind, natural gas, and hydrogen, offshore the Netherlands.
  • • Nel will provide a MW-scale PEM electrolyser for the project
  • • Project will involve installation of a hydrogen-production plant including a Nel PEM electrolyser on the Neptune Energy-operated Q13a-A platform 13 kilometres off the coast
  • • Electricity generated by offshore wind turbines will be used to power the hydrogen plant on the Q13a-A platform, converting seawater into demineralized water, then into green hydrogen via electrolysis
  • • The green hydrogen will be mixed with the gas and transported via the existing gas pipeline to the coast
  • • The 1.25 MW containerized electrolyser will produce a maximum of 500 kilograms of green hydrogen per day

Quelle: PLX AI