• (PLX AI) – NKT receives order for second system of SuedOstLink, extension of one of the German high-voltage DC corridor projects.
  • • NKT says extension order for the SuedOstLink project is less than EUR 700 million
  • • The order is an extension of the SuedOstLink project adding a second, parallel transmission line from the Northern part of Germany to the South and comprises supply and installation of 525 kV XLPE high-voltage DC (direct current) onshore power cable solutions
  • • The second system of SuedOstLink transmission line will have a route length of approx. 550 km of which NKT is delivering approx. 275 km, the same volume as the first SuedOstLink system
  • • The power cable solutions to be delivered by NKT for the second system of SuedOstLink comprises three lots with a total order value of less than EUR 700m (less than EUR 550m in std. metal prices)
  • • The second system will be established in connection with the existing project schedule with commissioning in 2027

Quelle: PLX AI