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Unternehmen: 4SC AG ISIN: DE000A14KL72

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12.16.2015 EQUITS GmbH continues its innovative Research series. 'EQUI-Peer Biotech - Cancer therapies provides a peer group comparison on drug discovery companies (focus on cancer immunotherapy, HDAC inhibitors). Important milestones ahead. In this issue of their EQUI-PEERS research series, the analysts from EQUITS GmbH examine the attractiveness of equity investments in specialised biotech and pharmaceutical companies that develop highly innovative drugs for treating cancer in humans, focusing in particular on epigenetics and immunotherapy. Initial market approvals of these novel drugs have spurred hope - also on the stock exchange. The M&A cycle is also starting to turn in this rapidly growing segment. Of particular interest are potential drugs that use what are known as HDAC inhibitors (HDACi), an attractive class of epigenetic compounds that have already shown general clinical efficacy against solid and haematological tumours in mono- and combination therapy and have received initial approval. A number of listed drug development companies - with market capitalisations of up to US$ 600 million - focus on this innovative class of compounds. EQUITS GmbH conducted a comparative analysis of the six most interesting securities. The study revealed that the two European biotech companies, 4SC AG (WKN (German SIN): A14KL7) and Onxeo S.A. ( WKN: A0HMXA ), are valued much lower than their US peers, (Mirati Therap. ( WKN: A1W1XV ), Epizyme Inc. ( WKN: A1T9L2 ), MEI Pharma Inc. ( WKN: A1KATX ) and Curis Inc. ( WKN: 940909 )). Buy recommendations of the analysts feature prominently on both sides of the ocean though the trend in the upside targets is marked by a more volatile overall situation (debate about whether to raise US interest rates). 4SC AG (ISIN DE000A14KL72) is the company with by far the greatest potential. According to the analysts, the EQUITS study showed that while the peer companies are very similar in terms of their equity ratios, there are large discrepancies in their stock market valuations, particularly when the development pipeline is used as a benchmark. It is not so much the number of projects but rather other criteria applied by the stock exchange as the basis for an investment that cause this variation, the analysts commented. The comparative analysis shows investment opportunities in mid-stage biotech firms. The situation will be particularly exciting in 2016, with various Phase II studies being conducted and initial results published. According to the EQUITS analysts it will then be possible to estimate opportunities and risks of further development in the peer group with much greater precision. In this connection, 4SC is expected to generate a highly interesting news flow with resminostat in the coming year. According to the consulting firm Visiongain, the global epigenetics market will reach a volume of around $4.3 billion in 2018 (2014: $2.5 billion). In the second wave since 2014, two HDACi drugs - belinostat (Beleodaq(R)) and panobinostat (Faridak(R)) - have already received market approval. According to the comparative study presented, others are positioned extremely promisingly, mainly for combination therapies, including a series of candidates that are currently in clinical trials, such as resminostat, entinostat, pracinostat and mocetinostat. NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION, TRANSMISSION OR PUBLICATION, WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN FULL OR IN PART, WITHIN OR TO THE UNITED STATES, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, JAPAN OR SOUTH AFRICA, OR ANY OTHER COUNTRIES IN WHICH DISTRIBUTION OF THIS NEWS RELEASE IS ILLEGAL. The above mentioned research is available on: http://www.equits.com/#!equi-peers/c1621For further information please visit our homepage www.equits.com

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