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Einstufung von GBC AG zu EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG

Unternehmen: EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG

ISIN: DE0006611957

Anlass der Studie: Research Report (Initial Coverage)

Empfehlung: BUY

Kursziel: 80.00 EUR

Kursziel auf Sicht von: 31.12.2023

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Analyst: Matthias Greiffenberger, Marcel Schaffer

Innovative drone-based close and remote monitoring with efficiency and cost

advantages. First order for 5 drones already secured until 2024. First

revenues expected in 2023. Speculative investment with high future


In the medium term, the management of EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG

(EAMD) plans to build up a portfolio of high-tech SMEs in the aviation

sector with a focus on close and remote surveillance. To develop new

prototypes, SMEs often lack access to capital and the distribution strength

to sell fleets to large customers. EAMD plans to fund SME prototype

development in exchange for pre-sales rights or exclusivity of product


Currently, the first cooperation exists with Reiner Stemme Aero GmbH

(RS.Aero). RS.Aero has two drones in development, which can be used manned

and unmanned. As part of their cooperation, a sister company of RS.Aero,

Reiner Stemme Red Eagle AG (RS Red Eagle), is to be contributed to EAMD in

the near future by way of a capital increase in kind. RS.Aero has two

drones in development, the EAMD Whisper, which is expected to reach market

maturity in 2023, and a larger model, the Geo-Explorer, which is expected

to reach market maturity in 2024. EAMD, through Red Eagle, will receive a

pre-sale right to the production of the Whisper and the Geo-Explorer from

RS.Aero. For the successful sale, EAMD will receive a sales commission of

15% from RS.Aero.

There is currently no operational development in EAMD, so the balance sheet

is very lean with insignificant sales and a low net result. Red Eagle also

has a very lean balance sheet and should, in the case of a contribution in

kind of around EUR 20 million, create goodwill as well as equity for the

most part.

Management assumes a very dynamic development of Whisper and Geo-Explorer

sales, with revenues of EUR 3.75 million in 2023, EUR 15 million in 2024,

EUR 28.5 million in 2025 and EUR 48.75 million in 2026. With sales figures

totaling 5 (2023), 16 (2024), 28 (2025) and 47 (2026). In our opinion, the

expected development of the EAMD management is subject to certain

uncertainties. Against the backdrop of the still outstanding non-cash

capital increase and the high level of planning uncertainty, we have

assumed probabilities of occurrence for revenues in the coming years. The

probability of occurrence is 100% for the year 2022, followed by 75% for

the year 2023 and 50% for the years 2024 and 2025. Thus, in accordance with

the probability of occurrence, we plan revenues of EUR 0.00 million for the

fiscal year 2022, followed by EUR 2.81 million in 2023 and EUR 7.13 million

in 2024 and EUR 14.25 million in 2025.

As there is no production at EAMD, but only sales, very high EBITDA margins

can be achieved. We therefore expect EBITDA of EUR -0.5 million in 2022,

followed by EUR 1.43 million in 2023 and EUR 4.57 million in 2024, and EUR

9.9 million in 2025.

Based on our DCF model, we have determined a fair enterprise value of EUR

27.06 million. Based on an outstanding number of shares of 0.34 million,

this corresponds to a target price of EUR 80.00. The share of EAMD European

AeroMarine Drones AG represents a speculative investment and has a very

high price potential in case of success. We assign a Buy Rating.

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