• (PLX AI) – Bang & Olufsen is expected to maintain its full-year guidance even as first quarter EBIT could turn positive, analysts said.
  • • B&O reports fiscal Q1 results tomorrow morning
  • • Last year, Q1 EBIT was a loss of DKK 41 million
  • • The company's guidance is currently revenue DKK 2.9-3.1 billion, adjusted EBIT margin 2-4% and free cash flow of DKK 0-100 million
  • • Guidance should stay unchanged for now, but it could be raised before the Q2 report, Danske Bank said (buy, DKK 43)
  • • Q1 is usually B&O's smallest quarter
  • • But this year sales in Q1 could be the highest in 12 years helped by orders from last year being carried over, strong demand for interior decoration and housing products as many consumers continue to work from home, and strong housing markets, Carnegie said (buy, DKK 43)
  • • Another focus point for the report will be management comments on sourcing materials and components, which has been a short-term challenge for B&O

Quelle: PLX AI