• (PLX AI) – Vestas has received orders across three wind projects totalling 70 MW in capacity from Eurowind Energy A/S in Poland.
  • • At Zniny Damaslawek, Vestas will supply and install 15 V100-2.0 MW turbines and an additional 12 V100-2.0 MW turbines in 2.2 MW operating mode, for a total project size of 56 MW
  • • The 8 MW Pniewy project will see Vestas supply and install 4 V100-2.0 MW turbines
  • • At Miescisko, which will stand at a capacity of 6 MW, Vestas will supply and install 3 V100-2.0 MW turbines
  • • In addition to supply and installation, Vestas will provide service for all three projects through long-term 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreements

Quelle: PLX AI