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Pershing vom 01.06.20 16:53 Uhr

Nach dem Einstieg gehts nur in eine Richtung... :-)

Summer.76 vom 29.05.20 06:18 Uhr

Bzgl der heutigen AGM: https://appen.com/investors/ s. unter: * Recent announcement   bzw. * Reports & Presentation

Summer.76 vom 29.05.20 06:11 Uhr


Summer.76 vom 29.05.20 06:03 Uhr

https://themarketherald.com.au/appen-asxapx-sailing-through-covid-19-storm-unaffected-2020-05-29/ Appen sailing through COVID-19 storm unaffected * Artificial intelligence developer Appen (APX) has  reaffirmed its yearly financial guidance and expects only a negligible impact from the pandemic * Full-year results for 2019 reflect a strong period of growth for the company, including increased revenues, earnings and profits * Given the raft of companies globally that have been downgrading guidance, deferring dividends, raising capital and seeking debt facilities, Appen's continued profitability and expansion of its market footprint is impressive * With a cash balance in excess of $100 million, considerable undrawn debt facilities and low capital requirements, Appen looks fit to weather any storm ...

Summer.76 vom 28.05.20 17:57 Uhr

Daraus: ...To Summarise We believe the investment case for Appen continues to stack up. Management has proven their execution skills and continues to execute their strategy at an exceptional level, establishing the company as a global leader in AI and machine learning datasets. This industry is set to compound at an extraordinary rate over the coming decade, further augmenting the company’s growth. It’s rare to find a company with a combination of strong management, attractive structural tailwinds and a proven history of growth and execution at a reasonable price, but when we do, we like to be on the long side of the bet. We believe Appen demonstrates these characteristics in spades. ...

Summer.76 vom 28.05.20 17:49 Uhr

https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/the-investment-case-for-appen-continues-to-stack-up The investment case for Appen continues to stack up

Sandro1408 vom 26.05.20 22:53 Uhr

Bin drin

Faita vom 23.05.20 15:31 Uhr

@Theix, was hältst du vom derzeitigen Kurs? Denkst du es wird noch einen Rücksetzer geben? Ich weiß noch, ob jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt zum Einsteigen ist

Pershing vom 18.05.20 22:25 Uhr

Hier werden wir die kommenden Jahre viel Freude haben :-)

Summer.76 vom 08.05.20 07:30 Uhr

https://www.afr.com/markets/equity-markets/appen-quite-resilient-in-pandemic-20200506-p54qbc Appen 'quite resilient' in pandemic ... Appen affirmed its 2020 full-year market guidance in mid-April, restating that it expected its underlying earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation to be in the range of $125 million to $130 million, assuming a US70¢ Australian dollar conversion rate.  ... With both the demand and the supply side of the business holding up, there are some specific potential tailwinds for the firm from the pandemic. ... However, there are also potential headwinds, Mr Brayan said. A decline in advertising spending at its largest customers during the crisis may modestly affect their revenue. “That may impact the work that they do with us,” he cautioned. ... Business in China is growing well, he said. Some momentum was lost during the pandemic but the return to work is now complete. “It’s early days in China but we are pleased with progress there.” Mr Brayan referred to the firm’s five-year deal with a customer to hold pricing steady and said “we will be seeking similar deals where we can”. The firm isn’t seeing "massive pricing pressure" from the market, he added. ...

Summer.76 vom 08.05.20 07:18 Uhr

*** = s.upport

Summer.76 vom 08.05.20 07:17 Uhr

Daraus u.a. ..Artificial intelligence data feeder Appen is the latest ASX stock to acknowledge the Australian dollar's plunge to a 17-year low in March is potentially a big tailwind for the market darling. The Australian dollar is down by more than 8 per cent against the US dollar so far this year, trading at US64.34¢ on Wednesday. At the depths of the pandemic sell-off, the currency dropped by more than 18 per cent against the greenback to plumb levels not seen since the early 2000s. Appen chief executive Mark Brayan said a weaker Australian dollar is a potential windfall for the business with future results in mind. "It has weakened during the pandemic and the majority of our revenue is from offshore – in fact all of our revenue is from offshore – so we get some translation benefit there," he said, speaking at the Macquarie Australia Conference. ... For firms such as Appen generating revenue from the US and swapping US dollars to Australian dollars, the currency can be a source of support. Appen sources revenue from US technology giants, which appear to be weathering the pandemic relatively well. They are the companies that the world has been relying on to help it though the pandemic, said Mr Brayan. “We have some natural advantages,” he admitted." ...

Summer.76 vom 08.05.20 07:11 Uhr

Appen dankbar für den Rückenwind des australischen Dollars https://www.afr.com/markets/equity-markets/appen-grateful-for-australian-dollar-tailwind-20200506-p54qbg

Maktien24 vom 07.05.20 09:57 Uhr

Finde irgendwie nix, dachte die kommen am 25en ?


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