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Blackbird008 vom 14.08.19 16:06 Uhr

Geht bergauf

speedysivas vom 06.08.19 19:40 Uhr

Doch nicht Tod 😁

cowboy vom 13.03.17 16:25 Uhr

Ist seit heute morgen vom Handel raus. Ausgesetzt. Mal sehen was die vorhaben

Di2_1 vom 09.10.16 11:41 Uhr

marcmarcoz1,404 posts. 08/10/1612:02:35Post #: 19715720 Intec have an amazing amazing technology (intec process) for whatever reasons was never able to get it off the ground, there was promise of China and various other companies and countries. To me it seemed they just didn't have the right team in place to get them where they should be ( remember the days of Phillip Wood and his team and the credit raisings that just seemed to fill the pockets of the boards!! ( sounds familiar in penny stock land). consolidation screwed most of us shareholders in 2011. Future: Kieren Rogers looks like he may have pulled a rabbit of the hat with the SWiDev acquisition, ever since he took over Intec has very tight with it's spending ( note: JX Nippon paid Intec $5m in November 2010 for use of the Intec Process and they have lived of that ever since). Optiflex system - look like a money maker - Without it you have: "The value of lost revenue due to productivity loses from inadequate wastewater clarification in CHPP’s is estimated to range from $1.6M to almost $10M per annum." from the last announcement. July Activities announcement: During the commercial trial at Wilpinjong various modifications and adjustments have been made to the installed Optiflox® system. This has led to a revised design for a Mark II Optiflox® system. This re-design has now been completed and results in a material reduction in both complexity and installation footprint Consequent upon agreement regarding certain commercial matters, SciDev is likely to soon place an order for a number of Optiflox® systems. Intec could finally be the jewel in the crown and with shares on issue at 300m all they need is deals coming in finally! Brief History Intec unfortunately dealt with a number of failed projects that had promise but did not eventuate ie: green resources project in China (2010?) ( was sceptical about that one! and dealing with the chinese!) Victorian Galvanising Project (2009 -2011) ( waste of a couple of years which was almost almost there but the company they were dealing with by memory didn't have the funds or something like that) Iranian minerals project (ongoing for years and went no where - great choice iran! they ran!) Hellyer Zinc Concentrate Project (They purchased an old BHP plant which went know where then they sold that plant in Tasmania to Bass metals i think who went broke and intec got screwed once more can't exactly remember the whole story) To me it was the trail of destruction of phillip wood's reign 2001-2012( seems to be a pattern having a lawyer as your leader!). Note: The GFC and the price of zinc dropping was the tipping point for intec. Don't get me wrong the Intec process is an amazing technology you just have to look at the wasteware project that had been sitting in containers for 15 years that couldn't be disposed of, the intec process separated the metals from the water and the residue left could be emptied down the drain and i think the water was almost drinkable hahaah. Awards: Intec Wins “Environmental Solution of the Year” Award Intec Ltd (ASX code: INL) was this week announced winner of the “Environmental Solution of the Year Award” at the 7th Annual Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards (wwwxmanmonthlyxcomxau/awards). The award recognises Intec’s Burnie heavy metal waste recycling operation, which has successfully solved a 15 year-old intractable hazardous waste problem for the Tasmanian plating industry. Dr Andrew Tong (Project Manager & Senior Research Metallurgist) received the award on behalf of Intec at the event dinner on 12 May 2010.

Di2_1 vom 09.10.16 02:11 Uhr


cowboy vom 07.10.16 15:26 Uhr

Was ist los? News? ???

cowboy vom 22.09.16 17:22 Uhr

Keine News,keine gar nix. Hoffentlich gibt's news wenn bald die ergebnisse von monument mining kommen.

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