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Daven vom 22.11.19 20:06 Uhr

Super, danke für die Infos 💪🏼👍🏻

Bernie108 vom 22.11.19 19:17 Uhr

Zusammenfassung ab 1h 22min

Bernie108 vom 22.11.19 19:14 Uhr

Hab mir heute mal 5 Stunden Material reingezogen und bin zum Schluss gekommen, ich hab zu wenig shares 🙄 https://youtu.be/QvEsCwXdbTY

Bernie108 vom 22.11.19 16:19 Uhr

Ein Überblick https://youtu.be/_4eDD4TPtLA


Stadelheimer vom 22.11.19 14:22 Uhr

Auszug aud dem Jahresbericht August 2019 "My Dear Shareowners, A very warm good morning to each and every one of you. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited. The Company's accounts for the year ended March 31, 2019, along with the Directors' and Auditors' report, a Letter to the Shareholders, and Management's Discussion and Analysis, have already been circulated to you. With your permission, I would like to take them as read. 1. Business and Financial Performance Dear Shareholders, In the Golden Decade of Reliance, I am proud to inform you that it was yet another year of robust and record performance. Reliance became India's largest and most profitable company - both in public and private sectors. We are the only diversified multi-sector Indian enterprise with three major growth engines in one single corporate entity – Oils to Chemicals division, Jio and Retail. All three have done exceedingly well in the past year. We are also incubating newer growth engines. Sceptics used to say that Reliance cannot succeed in consumer businesses. Jio and Reliance Retail have proved them wrong. If these two consumer businesses had been separately listed companies, each would be ranked among the top 10 in India today, in terms of value. Jio crossed the 340 million subscriber mark to remain the world's fastest growing digital services company. Today, Jio is India's largest telecom enterprise in terms of subscribers, revenues and profits. Jio has truly become the DIGITAL GATEWAY OF INDIA. Reliance Retail has crossed ` 130,000 crore turnover to cement its position as India's largest retailer. It is four times larger than the 2nd largest retail player. It is larger than all the other major retailers put together. Our two consumer businesses now collectively contribute nearly 32% to the consolidated EBITDA, up from 2% five years ago. The day is not far when their share would be 50%. The third growth engine is our Oils to Chemicals business. Let me now highlight Reliance's record contribution to the Indian economy: Largest exporter -- ` 2,24,391 crore exports to 107 countries accounting for 9.8% of India's total merchandise exports. Highest payer of customs and excise duty in the private sector -- ` 26,379 crore. Highest payer of GST amongst all public and private sector companies -- ` 67,320 crore. Highest payer of Income tax in the private sector -- ` 12,191 crore Dear Shareholders, The coming year will mark the beginning of the most ambitious Value Creation strategy in the history of Reliance and in the history of India. 1 At the heart of our new value creation strategy is our innovative Philosophy of transforming relationships into partnerships. Partnerships with leading global and Indian companies. Partnerships with millions of local businesses, SMEs and micro-enterprises across India. Partnerships with new tech-enabled businesses, platforms and social enterprises. All these partnerships will form a new business coalition capable of creating exponential value for our five stakeholders: Indian economy, Indian people, our customers, employees and shareowners. Dear Shareholders, The future of India – and also the future of Reliance -- has never looked brighter to me than now. As India is getting transformed into New India, Reliance will also transform itself into New Reliance. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has set the goal of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024. I fully endorse this ambitious goal. Indeed, I can clearly see India becoming a 10 trillion dollar economy by 2030, with every Indian as a beneficiary. This is achievable. This is necessary. This is inevitable. I say this because digital-driven GDP growth is not only exponential but can also be inclusive. Our own value creation strategy will prove this. The slowdown in some sectors of the economy is temporary. The fundamentals of the Indian economy are very strong. The opportunities will grow further with structural reforms. India has political stability. The government is laying the foundation of new institutions for business promotion and regulation. New long-term measures are being taken to improve ease of living for all citizens, and reduce income inequality. India is rising. No power on earth can stop India from rising higher."

Daven vom 19.11.19 19:13 Uhr

Hier gehts ja richtig ab 😎

Bernie108 vom 19.11.19 15:22 Uhr


Bernie108 vom 19.11.19 13:45 Uhr

Heute 5% 😘 Was ich nicht verstehe, Freecashflows sind durchgehend negativ, bei durchgehend steigenden Gewinnen 🤔🤔🤔 hat dafür jmd eine Erklärung?

Bernie108 vom 13.11.19 10:22 Uhr

Wieviel Potential siehst Du denn? Und was wäre fundamental gesehen fair?


Brotmesser vom 13.11.19 09:43 Uhr

Und ich hatte mir bei 28 Euro überlegt ob ich sie kaufe😬 Was meint ihr ist sie immer noch ein kauf auf Mittel bis Langfristig?

Shishatabak1 vom 05.11.19 22:30 Uhr

RI ist einfach eine Aktie zum halten.

Bernie108 vom 04.11.19 19:54 Uhr

2018 war wohl ein Schwieriges Jahr, Mid und Smallcaps besonders betroffen. 2019 auch Druck wegen Wachstumssorgen. Ende Sep hat Lazard AM mit 11% auf 12,2% ausgebaut. Ich bin heute eingestiegen, habe lange gesucht, was Indien abdeckt, und das was im Video erörtert wird, deckt sich zu 100% mit meinen Vorstellungen.👍 Kam allerdings kaum rein in die Position und Mindestzahl waren 2000.

Daven vom 04.11.19 19:26 Uhr

Was war der Grund für den Einbruch ? Durch den zusätzlichen Push der indischen Regierung sehe ich das genauso wie du

Bernie108 vom 04.11.19 10:33 Uhr

Investmentprozess passt, Focus auf mid und smallcaps 😋